Doris came into my life a few months ago, when I was in dire need of help and guidance.  I love the individual coaching and feel I have gained so much from my time with her.   There are so many programs out there, all designed to help you lose weight and learn about nutrition.  Doris will help you do that, but far more importantly, she will help you get underneath your weight issues, help you deal with emotional eating and help you find new ways of coping with that.  She is kind, smart, supportive and encouraging.

She has helped me so much; I had tried diets and diet centers for over twenty years.  Nobody talked about emotions, depression, stress and the food connection.   Doris can help you move forward, she literally gave me back a sense of hope and belief in myself.

Doris is an amazing person and I feel blessed to have her helping me on this journey.  I think her business could be called “Passport for Life”, not just for Thin, as her expertise and knowledge go far beyond weight loss.  She is an excellent coach.  Her insights and ideas are wonderful and I love working with her, she always leaves me with thoughts and ideas to help me move forward. 

I initially thought I would just meet Doris once.  I was anxious about talking to a stranger about a most painful side of my life.  Well, she had such compassion and empathy, wisdom and guidance to offer, it was not long before I was looking forward to our meetings and I am so grateful for her.

~ June C., Westford, MA ~
I have enjoyed working with Doris over the past year and have lost 20 lbs with her tremendous guidance and support.

Doris is a wonderful woman who exudes this incredible positive energy.  She is a well educated professional in her field.  She has great empathy for her clients and understands the challenges that life brings, and works her magic to motivate, inspire, and encourage them in their path to success.  She gets to know her clients well and understands their strengths, weaknesses and is great at customizing a plan for each person.

I have had the opportunity to work with Doris in a large group setting, small setting and one on one.  She is truly passionate about what she does.  She is committed and available to her clients.  Doris invests herself fully in her clients and she has given me the life long tools to maintain a healthy weight and to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

~ Anne K., Westford, MA ~
"Friendly, enthusiastic, non-threatening, and an empathetic listener, Doris is a natural coach. Within the first few sessions I felt I could trust her completely.  Rarely have I felt so well-listened-to and supported.  Doris helps me to understand myself, to believe in myself, and to find my own path." 

~ Robert H., Chelmsford, MA ~
I just joined "Passport To Thin" 2 1/2 weeks ago and have already lost 4 pounds!  I feel confident that I will succeed in my weight loss!  The three of the most important lessons that I have learned to date are: 1) always drink at least 6-8 glasses a water a day. not only do you feel better but you also don't have the desire to eat as much 2) when you have a desire to snack think "healthy food first, sweets second" 3) "Doris takes your coaching journey with you seriously and with no doubt she will stick by you the whole entire trip!"

~ Julie, Westford, MA ~
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