I have known Doris for over 2 years now and during that time she has gone from a weight loss coach to a life coach and someone I consider a friend.  Doris has helped me through some difficult times, including the death of my father, as well as the difficult time prior to his death.  She has taught me things about food and myself that I would not have otherwise realized.  She is as supportive in weight loss as she is in helping you realize the importance of taking care of your whole self - not just the weight - and that you have to put yourself and your health first before you can truly take care of others.

~ Donna C., MA ~

Today I am happy to say that miracles do come true. 104 pounds lighter, I am enjoying a happier and healthier life and I truly believe that it would not have been possible without the help of my weight loss coach Doris Eder.  Doris is AWESOME at what she does. She is a great leader and motivator, and I will never be able to thank her enough for all that she has done and continues to do for me. 

~ Chris, MA ~
Doris gave me the inspiration, tools, and consistent personal coaching to make a change to my life. Drawing on her years of experience, Doris gave me an easy-to-follow plan to help make day-to-day decisions as well as the personal coaching to help me navigate my way through business travel and frequent eating out occasions that can make weight loss challenging. She also gave me the encouragement I needed to stick to it and help keep my eyes on the prize, which was a much healthier lifestyle rather than just weight loss. Doris' services are also super-convenient for me. She would meet me in my office for a coaching session and weigh-in, or after work in my home.

After working with Doris over the past few years I am happy and proud to say that my resting heart rate is that of an athlete's, I am off of high-blood pressure medication, and weigh in at a much healthier 216 pounds, down from my initial weigh in of 319 pounds. My whole life is fitter, from riding my bicycle over 50 miles in under three hours, to having the stamina to keep up with my 7-year old daughter. Doris gave me everything I needed to help make this monumental change in my life, and I am happy to report that the weight has stayed off for over two years. 

~ Rich G., Cambridge, MA ~
I  worked with Doris Eder and found it to be a very enjoyable and beneficial experience.  Doris kept me on track when I was wavering and needed support, both in my weight loss efforts and in my personal life.  Throughout my time with her, a lot was going on in my life that made weight loss a lower priority for me.  However, I found that being able to talk with Doris and receive her encouragement added some balance to my life and prevented me from giving up.  

The weight loss program itself is very easy to understand and to follow and works when you stick to it.  It's a common sense program of healthy eating and balance.  The nature of the program helps you form healthy habits so that you're not just losing weight without learning anything.  It's a great program, and Doris is extremely helpful, acting as a friend when you need support and as your coach when you need some accountability.

~ T.H, Virginia ~
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